Using Blast to get an Elrond API endpoint
Get access to probably the most reliable and fastest blockchain APIs with a few simple steps

  • MetaMask browser extension installed.
If you don't have the MetaMask extension already installed on your browser, you can quickly get it from one of the following links depending on your browser of choice:
Otherwise, you can find it relatively quickly by a simple Google search.
Once you have MetaMask installed, follow the steps below to access a dedicated blockchain endpoint.

  1. 1.
    Head over to and click connect.
2. Connect your MetaMask wallet and sign a message to complete registration
3. Once you have reached your dashboard, you can create a new project where you'll be able to generate your required endpoints to start development.
4. Create your first project by clicking Add Project as in the image above, filling in the required details, and clicking on the "Create Project" button:
5. Once your project is created, navigate to the "Available Endpoints" tab and choose Elrond available networks.
6. Pick Elrond Mainnet API and click Activate
7. After selecting the endpoint and clicking "Activate," you should be able to see the newly generated endpoint in the "Active Endpoints" tab:
8. Next, all you have to do is click your newly generated endpoint and get access to your custom endpoint URLs:
For usage examples and platform limitations, please check the APIs Documentation section.
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