How to Undelegate

This tutorial will explain how to undelegate tokens that are currently staked with a validator


  • Tokens already delegated (steps mentioned in the How to Delegate tutorial).

  • The wallet used during the delegation process is connected.

Once you have the prerequisites prepared, you just need to follow the steps described below to learn how to initiate the undelegation process.

Undelegate Your Tokens:

  1. Navigate to Delegations Explorer page on the Blast platform and choose the Staking Pool that you want to undelegate from.

  1. Click Unelegate button

  1. Specify the desired amount of tokens you want to undelegate and click Unelegate button to initiate the process.

  1. After initiating the undelegation process there is a lock-up period. The remaining time and progress can be tracked on the Staking pool page or within My Delegations section.

  1. Click Execute undelegate button. Once the lock-up period has passed, you can execute the undelegation.

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