The Referral Mechanism allows existing users to receive rewards and new users to use discounts on our plans after signing up on the Blast app. When a user refers someone new, both parties receive benefits:

  • Referrer earns USDT rewards each time a referred user adds funds to their Blast account

  • New user (referee) gets a discount on purchases after signing up with referral code

Keep in mind that the referrer will receive USDT rewards in their wallet on Arbitrum One Mainnet network every time a referred user adds funds.

How to create a Referral code

  1. Go to the Referral page, connect your wallet and complete the Referral Form.

  2. Provide all the relevant data and click on the Submit button. Our team will review your request and contact you once the referral code is ready.

  1. When the referral code is ready to use, you can access the Referral page again to view your referral code/link and details about validity, number of referrals, total earned amount or referral funds history.

Here you can keep track of your total earnings as long as the code is active. Don't forget to check the availability of your code and don't worry if your code expires, you can always send us another request after your code expires.

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