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Erigon API

One of the most well-known Ethereum clients is Erigon, which was created in Go. It draws a lot of inspiration from Go Ethereum. However, it emphasizes efficiency, allowing a user to synchronize a new node much more quickly and consume fewer resources, particularly when discussing storage needs.

Erigon employs a more efficient approach to store data by dividing the procedure into many phases and completes them in order; as a result, the software will finish one stage before going on to the next, speeding up the entire process.

Erigon uses a database made of key-value pairs, allowing it to store it more directly.

Erigon processes data using an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) architecture. The data is extracted from the original source, changed into the necessary data type, loaded into a temporary file, and then put in the appropriate order in the database. By pre-processing the data before saving it to the database, the procedure is sped up in this way.