This page will serve as documentation on how to run specific blockchain nodes with the purpose of participating in the Houston Incentivized Testnet as a Node Provider on Blast
Please ensure that after setting up your node, it is reachable via RPC and WS or REST from outside your Virtual Machine (i.e your laptop/workstation or any other VM).
In order to be onboarded, your node will have to pass various checks and will be continuously monitored during the entire time it is registered and serving requests within Blast.
In order to be able to participate in all testnet missions, we highly encourage you to also set up monitoring for your nodes. Most of the networks supported by Blast expose metrics in Prometheus format, so leveraging that would be a great idea. The procedure for enabling the metrics endpoint is also described in the Official Documentation for each network.
Another useful tool that you can use is Grafana so you can create your own dashboards based on the metrics the nodes are exposing. You can also set up alerting based on these metrics directly from Grafana or even through Alertmanager as the integration between these components is seamless.
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