Return the list of objects owned by an address. Note that if the address owns more than `QUERY_MAX_RESULT_LIMIT_OBJECTS` objects, the pagination is not accurate, because previous page may have been updated when the next page is fetched. Please use suix_queryObjects if this is a concern.


  • address : <SuiAddress> - the owner's Sui address

  • query : <ObjectResponseQuery> - the objects query criteria.

  • cursor : <ObjectID> - An optional paging cursor. If provided, the query will start from the next item after the specified cursor. Default to start from the first item if not specified.

  • limit : <uint> - Max number of items returned per page, default to [QUERY_MAX_RESULT_LIMIT_OBJECTS] if not specified.


  • ObjectsPage : <Page_for_SuiObjectResponse_and_ObjectID>

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