Blast L2

This section is describing the supported Blast L2 RPC method calls.

Blast L2 is a blockchain that inherits the potent OP Stack and is based on the Optimism rollup. Blast L2 is an initiative that aims to expand Ethereum's potential by accelerating technology and promoting international cooperation in decentralized governance and economic systems.

This project is being led by the Blast L2 Collective, which creates open-source software to solve important issues in the larger bitcoin ecosystem. Blast L2 aims to reinvent incentives and make a positive impact on the world by rewarding contributors proportionately, guided by the concept that impact=profit.

All the examples in this section use an Ethereum endpoint. Make sure you replace it with your Blast L2 Mainnet endpoint when issuing the RPC calls:

  • Mainnet:<project-id>

  • Sepolia:<project-id>

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