This section is describing the supported Mantle RPC method calls.

The Mantle Network is an Ethereum scaling technology stack that aims to be EVM-compatible. All contracts and tools that function on Ethereum also function on the Mantle Network with a minimum of adjustment if they are EVM-compatible. Users may test out thrilling web3 applications, and developers can deploy smart contracts in a productive, low-cost setting.

Mantle Network's modular architecture, which combines an optimistic rollup protocol and a cutting-edge data availability solution, is the foundation of the network. As a result, Mantle Network may both give cheaper and easier access to data availability while also inheriting Ethereum's security.

All the examples in this section use an Ethereum endpoint. Make sure you replace it with your Mantle endpoint when issuing the RPC calls:

  • Mainnet:<project-id>

  • Goerli:<project-id>

  • Sepolia:<project-id>

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