This section is describing the supported Scroll RPC method calls.

Scroll Network is an Ethereum-based zkEVM-based zkRollup that offers native compatibility for already-existing Ethereum tools and applications.

Scroll manages transactions off-chain and publishes brief on-chain proofs of validity. As a result, throughput is increased and costs are decreased, in contrast to the Ethereum foundation layer.

Creating on Scroll it is similar to work on Ethereum. It is simple to deploy any EVM-compatible smart contract to Scroll's network.

Scroll protocol is currently subject to several third-party examinations, in order to provide it's security. Scroll is aiming to develop its platform in an open manner and with community input.

All the examples in this section use an Ethereum endpoint. Make sure you replace it with one of your Scroll endpoint when issuing the RPC calls.

  • Scroll Mainnet (<project-id>)

  • Scroll Alphanet (<project-id>)

  • Scroll Sepolia (<project-id>)

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