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OKTC offers a developer-friendly environment, marketing support, and technical resources for builders.

  • Super Scalable: OKTC is capable of lightning-fast processing times (6,000 TPS), while keeping fees lower than $0.01 for both developers and users.
  • Super Friendly: OKTC is entirely open-source, backed by the dynamic OpenAPI for seamless DApp development, and equipped with complete multi-chain oracle support.
  • Super Secure: OKTC provides a reliable smart contract auditing service that ensures the reliability and security of your code, empowering you to build a trustless ecosystem with confidence.
  • Super interoperable: 100% EVM compatible and IBC interoperable, making OKTC one of the most interoperable L1 solutions on Cosmos.

All the examples in this section use an Ethereum endpoint. Make sure you replace it with your OKTC endpoint (<project-id>) when issuing the RPC calls: