What is Starknet Builder API ?

Builder API is the ultimate solution for developers seeking a more efficient way to build. It combines user-friendliness and ease of use with straightforward access to extensive blockchain information, to help developers meet the growing demand for innovative Web3 solutions.

The Starknet Builder API includes a dedicated suite of builder methods tailored for the Starknet ecosystem.

How to start using the Starknet Builder API

To use the Starknet Builder API, you need access to a Starknet Builder API endpoint.

Follow these steps to activate your Starknet Builder endpoint:

  1. Signup with using a compatible wallet or using email address.

  2. Create a new project or use a previous created project and activate Builder API endpoint.

  3. View and get your Staknet BuilderAPI endpoint.

Now you are ready to connect to Starknet and use the Starknet Builder API to build.

All the examples in the section below use an Ethereum endpoint. Make sure you replace it with your Starknet endpoint when issuing the RPC calls.


The shared JSON_REST Builder API available endpoints:


  • getTransaction: Get the contents of a transaction by the given transaction hash.


  • getTokenAllowance: Get the amount of ERC20 tokens which the spender is allowed to withdraw from the owner.

  • getTokenApprovals: Get all approvals for the given ERC20 token contract address.

  • getTokenHolders: Get all token holders for the given ERC20 token contract address.

  • getTokenMetadata: Get the metadata for the given ERC20 token contract address.

  • getTokenTransfers: Get all token transfers for a given ERC20 token contract address..

  • getTokenSupply: Get the total supply for the given ERC20 token contract address.


  • getBlockReceipts: Get the receipts for all transactions in a block.

  • getLogs: Get blockchain logs matching the given filters.


Starknet specific JSON_REST Builder API available endpoints:




  • getEvents: Get all events matching the given filters.


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