Get holders of the given NFT.

How to use getNFTHolders method ?

Below, you'll find an in-depth guide that provides a comprehensive explanation of how to utilize the getNFTHolders method effectively using Blast.


Below, you can find the query parameters accepted by the method.


This API is paginated, response items are ordered descending by:

  • tokenBalance

  • ownerAddress

Example Request and Result for getNFTHolders

In this section, you can find an illustrative example of a request made to retrieve the total number of NFTs included in the specified group and the NFTBalance objects using the getNFTHolders method.

The example in this section uses a non-existing project id.

Make sure you replace it with your Starknet endpoint when issuing the Builder API calls.

Don't have a project id? Here's a straightforward guide on how to obtain one!

Returns the total number of NFTs belonging to the given collection and the array of NFTBalance objects.


Query Parameters

  "count": 1,
  "holders": [
      "contractAddress": "0x07606cac9053e9b8b573a4b0a0ce608880f64869e24b8a605210d7a85bb6e5f1",
      "contractType": "erc721",
      "tokenId": "3095038",
      "ownerAddress": "0x0500bfd99cca3525caf7e2757b160cd0fa097c5736def17c484f45f436f0e07a",
      "tokenBalance": "1"
curl -X GET<project-id>/builder/getNFTHolders?contractAddress=0x07606cac9053e9b8b573a4b0a0ce608880f64869e24b8a605210d7a85bb6e5f1&tokenId=3095038 \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

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