Lachesis API

Opera fully supports the essential parts of web3 API. There are some subtle differences due to the graph structure of the blockchain.

Differences from web3.js API

Pending blocks

Retrieval of pending blocks isn't supported, because Lachesis doesn't have this entity.

Block Header fields

  • "nonce" is always 0

  • "mixHash" is always 0

  • "sha3Uncles" is always 0

  • "mixHash" is always 0

  • "miner" field is an undefined address

  • "difficulty" is always 0

  • "extraData" is always empty

  • "gasLimit" is always 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF , i.e. infinite (Lachesis has a different transaction authorization mechanism)

  • "receiptsRoot" is always 0

  • "timestampNano" additional field, returns block's consensus time in UnixNano


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