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Returns the total number of NFT/SFT tokens from a given address, as well as the total number of a certain type of ESDT.


  • address REQUIRED (string) - account bech32 address
  • identifiers OPTIONAL(array[string]) - filter by identifiers, comma-separated
  • search OPTIONAL (string) - search by collection identifier
  • typeOPTIONAL (string) - filter by type (NonFungibleESDT/SemiFungibleESDT/MetaESDT)
  • collection : DEPRECATED(string) - get all tokens by token collection. Deprecated, replaced by collections parameter
  • collections : OPTIONAL(array[string]) - get all tokens by token collections, comma-separated
  • name : (string) - the username specific for this account
  • tags : OPTIONAL (array[string]) - filter by one or more comma-separated tags
  • creator : OPTIONAL (string) - return all NFTs associated with a given creator
  • hasUris : OPTIONAL (boolean) - return all NFTs that have one or more uris
  • includeFlagged : OPTIONAL (boolean) - include NFTs that are flagged or not


Number- the total number of NFT/SFT tokens from a given address

Example Request and Result for /accounts/{address}/nfts/count

curl -X 'GET' \
'' \
-H 'accept: application/json'