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Returns account details for a given herotag
The /username/{username} is used to obtain the account details for any herotag. The command also performs a redirect on the proper account address, and requires a username. Optionally, users can input a number of skippable items.


  • username REQUIRED (number) - Number of items to skip for the result set


  • address: (string) - Account bech32 address
  • balance: (number) - Account current balance
  • nonce: (number) - Account current nonce
  • shard: (number) - The shard ID allocated to the account
  • rootHash: (string) - The hash of the root node
  • txCount: (number) - The number of transactions performed on this account
  • scrCount: (number) - The number of smart contract results of this account
  • username: (string) - username of the account
  • developerReward: (string) - The developer reward

Example Request and Result for /username/{username}

curl -X 'GET' \
'' \
-H 'accept: application/json'
"address": "erd1ads85m0dnhp4v3re3ldd6qzjn9r07p2pj8ff3h62fh3ja5aw3c0sk7zrlr",
"balance": "4557269641022959520",
"nonce": 67,
"shard": 1,
"rootHash": "2TxCvh8P0AZQahW5hnOK1WSQarQ0mEgqDqkT5xGPqAU=",
"txCount": 74,
"scrCount": 80,
"username": "astro.elrond",
"developerReward": "0"