Get validators from state

Providing a list of validators that may be filtered according to their balance, status, and index.

For each index or public key that matches a known validator, information will be returned. No information will be returned but there won't be an error if an index or public key doesn't match any known validator. The index and public key are returned for each validator and can be used to verify for which inputs a response has been returned; however, there are no guarantees on the ordering of the returned data.

Example Request and Result for /v1/beacon/states/{state_id}/validators

In this section, we provide an illustrative example of a request made to retrieve details contents using the /v1/beacon/states/{state_id}/validators endpoint. Additionally, we present the resulting response containing information about state's validators.


Additional info about the status epoch:

  • activation_eligibility_epoch: When criteria for activation were met

  • activation_epoch: When the validator is/was scheduled to activate. May change while in the activation queue.

  • exit_epoch: When the validator is/was scheduled to exit. May change while exiting.

  • withdrawable_epoch: When validator can withdraw funds

The example in this section uses a non-existing project id.

Make sure you replace it with your Ethereum Holesky Beacon endpoint when issuing the API calls.

Don't have a project id? Here's a straightforward guide on how to obtain one!

Get validators from state

GET https://eth-holesky-beacon.blastapi.io/<project-id>/eth/v1/beacon/states/<state_id>/validators?

Path Parameters

Query Parameters

  "execution_optimistic": true,
  "finalized": false,
  "data": [
      "index": "1494380",
      "balance": "1000000000",
      "status": "pending_initialized",
      "validator": {
        "pubkey": "0x830461a83cd2964e55ebd259763c678bfa008300c99a17681163f82e1f063e3628effa5de0245d270c7c696194705703",
        "withdrawal_credentials": "0x01000000000000000000000003034671b508b2402243931a125957688ba89ff0",
        "effective_balance": "1000000000",
        "slashed": false,
        "activation_eligibility_epoch": "18446744073709551615",
        "activation_epoch": "18446744073709551615",
        "exit_epoch": "18446744073709551615",
        "withdrawable_epoch": "18446744073709551615"

Curl Request example

curl -X 'GET' \
  'https://eth-holesky-beacon.blastapi.io/<project-id>/eth/v1/beacon/states/head/validators?id=1494380&status=pending_initialized' \
  -H 'accept: application/json'

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