Geolocation functions by testing the onboarding node in all 4 of the designated regions:

  • eu-central-1 in Limburg, Germany

  • ap-southeast-1 in Singapore, Asia

  • us-east-1 in Vint Hill, Virginia, United States

  • us-west-2 in Hillsboro, Oregon, United States

Upon completion of these tests, the node will exhibit 4 distinct latencies, and will subsequently be allocated to the region demonstrating the lowest latency.

If you suspect your node's ability to achieve a maximum reward score is hindered due to high latencies, it may be worthwhile to verify that the 'geographical region' displayed on the front end aligns with your server's actual location. Should a discrepancy exist, consider restarting the onboarding process to facilitate another geolocation attempt.

Exceptions and Corner Cases:

Queries have arisen concerning nodes originating from Canada which were allocated to the us-east region (3200km away) rather than the seemingly closer us-west region (1800km away). After conducting additional manual tests, we confirmed that, at that specific time, the us-east region was indeed the optimal location for that particular node due to lower latencies compared to us-west.

This instance exemplifies how the fastest route isn't necessarily the shortest; various factors, such as the traffic load on each route, may influence this.

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