The snapshot service for Blast L2 Testnet is available here.

Whether you need to bootstrap your full node, you can use our daily snapshot service to speed up the process.

Note: the nodes used for snapshotting are using the archive pruning values of Blast L2 and are hosted as Docker containers on machines using Ubuntu 22.04.

How to use

You simply go to our snapshot service, select the "Blast L2 Snapshots" section and you can download the latest available snapshot! In order to use it, simply decompress the archive as per the following instructions and start your node.

# download the snapshot
wget https://snapshots.bwarelabs.com/blast/testnet/blast20240321.tar.lz4

# if Blast L2 was already on your machine, stop your Blast L2 service
sudo systemctl stop <BLAST_GETH_SERVICE>
sudo systemctl stop <BLAST_OP_NODE_SERVICE>
# OR containers if you are using the recommended docker compose setup
docker compose down
# AND make sure there is no process running that might try to write to the database

# make sure your blast data directory is clean (let us assume <BLAST_HOME> is your root Blast L2 directory)
rm -rf <BLAST_HOME>/geth/geth/chaindata
rm -rf <BLAST_HOME>/geth/geth/lightchaindata

# make sure you have lz4 installed
sudo apt-get install lz4

# decompress the archive
lz4 -c -d blast20240321.tar.lz4  | tar -x -C <BLAST_HOME>/geth/geth/

# start the Blast L2 service OR container

You should be in-sync with the network in minutes after starting the node.

Please make sure to also check the Official Documentation and the Github Repository posted above in order to correctly deploy the node of your choice.

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