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Returns token details based on a specific token identifier


  • identifier REQUIRED(string) - Search by token identifier


Object - a list of all available fungible tokens for a given address
  • identifier: (string) - token identifier
  • name: (string) - The username specific for this account
  • ticker: (string) - a random string starts with “-” and has 6 more random characters
  • owner: (string) - the owner's address
  • minted : (number) - minted value
  • burnt : (number) - burnt value
  • initialMinted : (number) - initial minted value
  • decimals: (number) - the number of decimals in order to display balance
  • isPaused: (boolean) - Specific property flag for smart contract - default value: false
  • transactions: (number) - Transactions of the token
  • accounts: (number) - account address of the token manager
  • canUpgrade: (boolean) - Specific property flag for smart contract, the token manager may change these properties - default value: false
  • canMint: (boolean) - More units of this token can be minted by the token manager after initial issuance, increasing the supply - default value false
  • canBurn: (boolean) - Users may "burn" some of their tokens, reducing the supply - default value: false
  • canChangeOwner: (boolean) - Token management can be transferred to a different account - default value: false
  • canPause: (boolean) - The token manager may prevent all transactions of the token, apart from minting and burning - default value: false
  • canFreeze: (boolean) - The token manager may freeze the token balance in a specific account, preventing transfers to and from that account - default value: false
  • canWipe: (boolean) - The token manager may wipe out the tokens held by a frozen account, reducing the supply - default value: false
  • supply : (number)
  • circulatingSupply : (number)


curl -X 'GET' \
'' \
-H 'accept: application/json'
"identifier": "ASTRO-91f2cc",
"name": "AstroElrond",
"ticker": "ASTRO-91f2cc",
"owner": "erd1m83yu75aw6r0vmznpet78jsguww3fuqll0k2rz64saf8e6p3e24s3zrap2",
"minted": "0",
"burnt": "0",
"initialMinted": "100000000000000000000000",
"decimals": 18,
"isPaused": false,
"transactions": 87,
"accounts": 62,
"canUpgrade": true,
"canMint": true,
"canBurn": true,
"canChangeOwner": true,
"canPause": true,
"canFreeze": true,
"canWipe": true,
"supply": "100000",
"circulatingSupply": "100000"