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Built on top of Gear Protocol, Vara Network is a standalone layer-1 decentralized network.

With the help of the runtime and technology of the Gear Protocol, anyone can create and execute dApps on the Vara Network and other networks that utilize the Substrate-based development platform Gear Protocol.

Among other things, the non-fork upgradable Vara Network is a fast, scalable, and ideal platform for financial apps, experimental features, and next-generation gaming. Vara provides a suitable environment for executing a variety of applications because it supports a broad range of contemporary use cases. Building on Vara Network benefits Web3 developers as well as Web2 developers who are looking for a scalable, secure, and effective platform to launch their decentralized applications.

Vara Network chooses validators for its consensus process via a transparent and dependable Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) mechanism. Based on their stakes and the money proposed by other token holders, this process chooses validators. There are incentives for maintaining a node or serving as a nominator on the network. By encouraging a more democratic and decentralized process, this strategy lowers the possibility of centralization, in which the wealthiest organizations might end up serving as validators.

List of the available methods: