Get blockchain logs matching the given filters

Efficiently access the blockchain logs that match your specified filters by using getLogs builder api method. getLogs serves as an access point to blockchain logs empowering developers with a valuable method for monitoring and analyzing events that may occur. This method offers a streamlined approach to access essential log details, including topics and data, making it indispensable for building decentralized applications (dApps) that interact with smart contracts

How to use getBlockReceipts method ?

Below, you'll find an in-depth guide that provides a comprehensive explanation of how to utilize the getLogs Builder API method effectively using Blast.

Any combination of filters is accepted provided that:

  • if blockHash is present then neither fromBlock nor toBlock are allowed

  • if contractAddress is not present then the specified range of blocks cannot be greater than 2000 blocks; otherwise any block range is allowed


Below, you can find the query parameters accepted by the method.


Discover an insightful explanation of the returned parameters here, offering a deep understanding of their significance and implications.

Returns array of Log objects.

This API is paginated, response items are ordered by:

  • blockNumber

  • logIndex

Example Request and Result for getLogs

In this section, we provide an illustrative example of a request made to blockchain logs matching the given filters using the getLogs Builder API method. Additionally, we present the resulting response containing all the information about the returned blocks. Developers can use this as a reference for crafting their own requests and parsing the returned data when working with the getLogs method.

The example in this section uses a non-existing project id.

Make sure you replace it with your Starknet endpoint when issuing the Builder API calls.

Don't have a project id? Here's a straightforward guide on how to obtain one!

curl --location '<project-id>/builder/getLogs?blockHash=0x248aac16904eb52e25ff4a594acbea314a216d5fc0968facb0c10366503aaab2'


    "count": 198,
    "logs": [
            "blockHash": "0x248aac16904eb52e25ff4a594acbea314a216d5fc0968facb0c10366503aaab2",
            "blockNumber": 18375873,
            "blockTimestamp": "2023-10-18T07:51:59.000Z",
            "transactionHash": "0x2c40ee001352cfb73a2047c0ec71f016a1bd02e7fa2ed35adeaee46ca0c7719e",
            "transactionIndex": 0,
            "logIndex": 0,
            "contractAddress": "0xf482d79ae6e8725c199213fc909d6bc30df62815",
            "topic0": "0xddf252ad1be2c89b69c2b068fc378daa952ba7f163c4a11628f55a4df523b3ef",
            "topic1": "0x000000000000000000000000e65f60ae20998b6cb2d2a6edb2e551843e7bb816",
            "topic2": "0x000000000000000000000000c99d5ae8a7c36325294c2424928bd776ab63f8b7",
            "data": "0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007e5196c1911e00"
            "blockHash": "0x248aac16904eb52e25ff4a594acbea314a216d5fc0968facb0c10366503aaab2",
            "blockNumber": 18375873,
            "blockTimestamp": "2023-10-18T07:51:59.000Z",
            "transactionHash": "0x9befb89d0180358d300180c24530d9a16382ef770ec3eddab641e878d71d64e6",
            "transactionIndex": 1,
            "logIndex": 1,
            "contractAddress": "0x9b1f3625980e6acb153da8b06235923845ecca01",
            "topic0": "0xddf252ad1be2c89b69c2b068fc378daa952ba7f163c4a11628f55a4df523b3ef",
            "topic1": "0x000000000000000000000000e29a909a294896c167adc29a05681ff987a1d145",
            "topic2": "0x000000000000000000000000ca53029a981a807c78c7cde496c5b52ef4532445",
            "data": "0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003866a1100"

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